Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get the Ball Rolling...

I suppose I'll start with a quick introduction... maybe state the purpose of this blog... perhaps a random spewing of thoughts... hmmm...

I want to write a blog because I'm really enjoying learning golf. Also, I would like some sort of record to reflect back on.

My name is Greg and I'm hooked on golf. It all started when my Father-in-Law (Terry) brought his old set of clubs down during a visit for my son's 3rd birthday (May 30th - take a moment to mark your calendar). My wife told him that I would take him golfing during his visit - then she told me!! I guess I'm pretty lucky because I can always say (and I always do) that this whole golf thing was her idea. Terry and I went to the range one evening and hit the course a day or so later. That day, June 3rd, I shot a 140 at
Timber Creek. He told me an average beginner score would be 108 (six strokes per hole). I decided to give the game an honest chance and resolved to break 108 before his next visit in about two and a half months. Did I do it?... I'll post the answer in a future entry.

I have a daughter who recently turned five. I'm thinking about getting one of those junior sets for her and seeing if I can spark an interest. If anyone would like to share their experience with getting their kids involved (what works/what doesn't) I'd love to hear about it. So far I have learned one very valuable lesson about taking the wee ones golfing. I was playing at Glenbrook one day when I heard a crash. A man had a four or five-year-old child along with him for the ride and while he was making his shot, the child pressed the accelerator and soon after, crashed into a tree. It appeared that there was no physical injury. If you're familiar with Glenbrook, you know that this could have been a disaster.

The lesson: If you leave a child in a golf cart, secure the cart. Remove the key, park against a tree, park behind the ball... Or something to prevent this from happening. I don't know that I would have given this much thought if I had not seen this incident.

There you go dear reader, some solid golfing advice from an absolute beginner.

Now I'm blogging,
-Greg (clmax)


At 7:58 PM, Anonymous mediaguru at hookedongolfblog.com said...

We're both hooked on golf eh?

Welcome to the golf blog world.

How about a link exchange? I'm putting you in my blogroll right now!

Congrats on breaking 100. Baby steps. Next 90, then 80, then 70...


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