Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quickie Update...

No tournament for me...

I contacted one of the BGA officers and sadly, I was told I could not play because it's a Member/Guest tournament and each member must bring a guest. So, I fired off an email to all the guys that I've played with and none were able to play. So, I found a slot at The Battleground Saturday afternoon.

Lost my swing...

...and my money!!!

I played with Martin again last night. We played 0.25 for holes won and 0.25 for greens hit. I could not hit a tee shot. I was utter crap last night and quickly became frustrated. My chipping and putting made up for it though and I lost by just one stroke and only lost a 0.25 on the evening. I'm down 0.50 total.

With a few minutes left before the lights went out, I decided to hit a few balls with the driver to tune up for Saturday. I couldn't hit a straight shot. Very discouraging. The last night I was out there, Martin let me hit his Titelist 975D 8.5* driver with a ProLaunch 75g "S" shaft (I liked it too) a few times and I was hitting it straight 275+ over and over again. I know part of the problem was that I was not finishing on the follow through, and looking back, that may have been because I was not transferring my weight properly.

I hope I get a chance to regain some confidence before Saturday. My tee time is 11:48 so as a last resort I'll hit some balls before I tee off.



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