Friday, August 18, 2006

Back from Wisconsin...

Well I've been back for a week now. I've been trying to get some photos out of my W-10, but it apparently did not survive the ruturn trip. A report without photos will have to do.

We arrived on Friday and played golf on Saturday. I got a look at the clubs on Friday. I think they were a set made by a club maker. The set included 3-SW, but was missing the PW. There were a couple of drivers to choose from and a single 3W. All of the "woods" were "metals" but all were offset with a anti-slice bias. I could not find them anywhere on the net, but the irons looked similar to these -->

Not exactly the cavity backs I was hoping for, but I had been hitting the ball well and I just wanted to get out and play. The putter was old school and Dad had a Never Comprimise center-shafted blade that I used instead. We would arrive early enough for me to hit a few range balls and I hoped I could get an idea how far I could hit them.

We arrived the next morning and I was excited because as I expected, the terrain was wooded rolling hills. There was no one on the range but there was a couple half full sacks of balls. I grabbed the clubs and went out to hit.

I hit the clubs well and as best as I could tell, I hit them a little shorter than my clubs. My 150 club was the 8i, the SW was good for about 110. I don't know much about anti-slice biased clubs, but all I could do with the drivers was slice. I moved on to the 3i and hit it nice and straight somewhere in the 200+ neighborhood (the range has you hitting uphill). I left no time for the putting green...

Our group was two foursomes and I was in the first group. We were following a large group outing that was playing a scramble, so pace of play looked to be quite slow.

The first tee is on a hill 100+ feet above the fairway. The hill drops away fast and the fairway is lined with a mix of conifers and dicidous trees. I picked the left side expecting a fade/slice and hit a slight draw into the trees just off the fairway. The rest of the guys (Dad, his brother Rodger, and their friend Jerry) hit good shots either on or close to the fairway. My second shot found the green in spite of having a blind shot from 150 through a small gap in the trees. I 2-putt for par and all the others make an up and down.

I don't remember all of the details of the rest of the round, but I was +5 on the 9th tee. I was ahead of Dad and things were looking pretty good. Then I proceeded to hit poor shots, I lost a ball in a pine tree, and I took a triple on the 526 yard par 5 ninth. I think Dad made par and we made the turn tied at 44.

I kind of fell apart on the back carding a 53 after losing one it the water, and hitting 2 OB and losing one on the 18th where I tried to flop but topped. So I finished with a 97 on an unfamiliar course with loaner clubs. Dad really played well and finished with 90.

I hit five greens in regulation, and finished with 36 putts. Most of my shots were lost because I hit only two fairways and one was a "member bounce" off of a tree.

I scanned in the layout and scorecard:

Well, I now have about eight months to comtinue to improve and see if I can give him a little better competition.


Friday, August 04, 2006

BRB :)

Leaving for Wisconsin today...

Not sure if four weeks is enough recovery time to be able to walk eighteen, but I'm gonna give it a try. I'll be back with the round report in about a week.