Sunday, December 31, 2006

Figured it Out...

My ball striking has been garbage lately. I don't know how I've managed to crap together some respectable scores the last several times out (I played The Battleground last Wednesday and shot a 49/42 = 91).

This afternoon I figured it out.

The kids and I were playing a couple loops with Martin at Green Caye and on the fourth hole of the second loop I shanked one hard right. This has happened before, and today I realized that I was making contact too close to the hosel. The shanks were due to hitting the hosel!

After realizing this I took my stance a bit further out and addressed the ball a bit out toward the toe. I pushed the shot right, but made nice contact on the sweet spot (and managed the up and down). Same thing one the next hole. The next two holes I hit the greens and made the pars. On number nine, I hit the green with a 2 iron (216 yards into a stiff breeze) and made the 15 foot putt for birdie!!

That was the first time to birdie number nine and I have now birdied all nine holes at Green Caye!!!

I'm jumping for joy now that I have figured out the difficulties with my iron play. I can't wait to head out onto a regulation course and tear it up!! What a great way to end the year :)

Happy New Year,


At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Mark Nessmith said...

I noticed blogger Heather McMichael just wrote about you ( Good stuff!

At 4:16 PM, Blogger GolfNomad said...

That's the best thing to do when you get a case of the "S" it toward the least you'll be pushing them but then you'll groove them back in. I notice this happens to me when I start getting cute with my sand wedge and start trying to get closer to the ball. Glad you're back.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Saw that Mark, thanks!

You're right on GN! I think it all started because I was hitting these sweet little cut shots with my PW. Then I spent time at the range focusing more on my divit that ball flight. I'm more of a picker and forcing a divot put me in the hole :)


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous NothingMan said...

Awww yeah. I can relate to that. When I found out my grip was the whole problem (was keeping me from closing my clubface) my nasty slices completely disappeared. If ANYthing, I tend to fade the ball now. I literally went from hitting in the 90's to the low 80's in less than a month because of one very small change!

What's even better than that is that I realized that my swing has been good this whole time and I'm a lot more confident that I'll hit the ball squarely every time. I can fade and slice at will and I can hook at will. I still have a little trouble with a slight draw, but the fact is, I can actually control the ball now with my SWING. What a concept.


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