Friday, April 14, 2006

Range Work and Welcome Back Wind...

I hit a few buckets last night and I'm fairly sure I found my problem. Mostly, I was not releasing the club. The distance of a shot where I hold the club face square at contact is much less than the distance I get when I rotate the club face through square at impact. I think this rotating the club head is more responsible for my recent gains in distance than the previously thought source, a flatter swing. I think the flatter swing just facilitated a more natural, unforced release. Realizing this, I did pretty well at the range. Even with the long irons. I'm a little nervous because #4 and #8 at the battleground are tricky par threes that require a carry over water.

Looks like the wind will return for my round at The Battleground tomorrow:

Tomorrow's round will be my first round at The Battleground since February 17th.

Sure wish I had that 8.5* driver :P



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