Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two-Year Update...

I’ve been golfing for two years now…

I didn’t play as much this year as I did last year, logging just 36 regulation rounds. My hcp was 23.86 at the start of my second year, is currently 17.06, and dipped down to 16.59 along the way. I played more at Green Caye though this year, logging seven months of membership during which time I logged 132 nine-hole loops.

My last months per-round stats were very solid at Green Caye fueled mostly by good putting and chipping. Making just three triples in 126 holes was huge too.

Ave score: 33
Ave pars: 3.9
Ave putts: 16
Ave GIRs: 2.4
Ave UNDs: 2.2
Avd Birds: 0.29
Ave 3-putts: 0.70

Also noteworthy, I got to play Magnolia Creek (72.2/127) with Dad during his visit and I beat him 94 to 104. I played a solid game and would have scored much better had I not blew up on the fourteenth, a par four, with a nine. Not losing three balls would have helped too (no, I didn’t lose a ball on the fourteenth). I really wanted to show Dad how far I’ve come in two years and I did that. I drove the ball well and managed to hit one 300+ yards. On the eighth, a 152 yard par three, I called a fade and hit a beautiful shot with a soft eight iron that came down just a yard or two short. On the 16th, a 189 yard par three, playing about 185, I called a draw and slammed a high towering shot the landed in the back bunker (easily 195 all carry). Oddly, that was probably the longest six iron I have ever hit (I usually get 175-185 with a high draw). The course is loaded with bunkers and I found my fair share of them. I got into five bunkers, made two saves (one was a greenie from a fairway bunker) and took two shots to get out of one of them (yes, that would the the fourteenth and it was a deep, dark dungeon).

With a free evening, the boys (Dad, Me, and my boy) went to Green Caye for a couple loops. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I shot 38(+11)/38(+11) with hardly a single solid shot. Dad tore me up with 32(+5)/34(+7). No matter, I was happy to show Dad where I learn the game.

I’ve been taking the kids to Green Caye with some regularity. They are both playing from tee to green and they really seem to enjoy it. They have both come along quite well with their game and I just let them have at it. I only offer minimal coaching (unless they ask) but I do teach them ediquette. At the moment, I only take one at a time.

Things have been very busy at work with the STS-117 launch on Friday 7:38 EDT.

I’ll post more when I can,


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Nolan Matthias said...

Wow, it sounds like you've been doing pretty good so far. Kudos to you for keeping your stats so diligently.

Nolan M

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Double Eagle said...

Way to go Greg! Good to see your handicap is continually dropping. You're in pretty good shape for only having been playing for two years. Being able to get drives out to 300 yards and to hit middle irons with high draws are good signs. Keep up the good work.

I'm interested to know: after two years, what would you say are the strongest and weakest parts of your game?

Finally, good luck with the STS-117 launch. I think our pay checks are signed by the same company. Actually, technically by one of your parent companies (LM).

At 10:02 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Thanks guys.

Strongest and weakest parts of my game... hmmmm...

Right now my weakest part is the wedge game from about 40 to 100 yards. I've also been having trouble with my wedges in that I'm hitting shots fat and taking a huge divot. I've really narrowed my stance with my wedges and I'm hitting them better now.

The rest of my game is fairly even (irons, woods, putting) so nothing really stands out as strongest overall. Day to day one is often better than the other. I shot an 82 a couple days ago and my irons were hot, putting was slightly below average, and driver went from good to bad.


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