Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Test Drive...

I got my new Ray Cook Wedges last night.

I'll be giving the Hybrid the old "Heave Ho" since I've learned to love my original Adams Tight Lie Fairway Metals. Also, the 3i is pretty useless since I have a hard time hitting it straight and when I do, I rarely get more than I would have had I hit the 4i (which I hit 185-190). So, here's what's in my bag:


I can't resist the urge to head out and give them a try. I'm going to run down to Bayou for a quick round today and give them a test drive.
For anyone that's interested, I got them from "hillcountrygolf" on eBay and I've noticed a set listed weekly for a couple of months now. I lucked out and got my set for the listing price of $34.99.

Gone golfin'


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