Thursday, January 05, 2006

Post Christmas Update...

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying a Happy New Year. 2006 is here and we're all stating our goals and resolutions. Before I get into that, I need to sum up last year.

I completed 20 rounds of golf in 2005 after taking up the game in June. Here's a graph of my raw scores (including my 21st round):

I had a few good rounds in there and ended the year with a dissapointing 120 at Bayou (where my best was 94). I played that 20th round the day after Christmas and guess what? I "stumbled" on to another one of the busiest golfing days of the year:

We had to wait almost 2 hours!!! Hey that's a new record, and one I don't want to break.

So, you already know how I did... My worst score ever at Bayou. I don't know what happened. I hit some balls at the range with the driver that went nice and straight, but I could not hit a straight shot on the course to save my life, I was slicing nearly every drive. Then on about the 14th or so, I developed a pinched nerve or something in my back that certainly didn't help my game. Even though the course was packed, I did not feel rushed, so that was good. There was alot of waiting, especially at the par 3 holes.

Now that I have the 20 rounds required to get a USGA handicap... I just need to do it (Resolution/Goal???). Unofficially my index is 32.2 Now I'm not too happy with that number, but looking at Golfchick's handicap history, I think I'm in a good position to follow in her footsteps. I will use her progress as a template for the coming year.

I received some gift cards for Golf Galaxy and picked up a pair of golf shoes. I must have tried on 10 pairs before I pulled the trigger and went with these:

I tried them out when I played at Eagle Pointe. I can say that they felt comfortable. I thought I would have to be careful walking on the greens, but those worries were unfounded.

Eagle Pointe... Wow!! If this course were closer (and I could play there for $20-25), I would sure play there more. Eagle Pointe is a very nice course with nice elevation change (for the flat Houston area). If it weren't for the 45 minute drive, I would make Eagle Pointe my home course. I thought I did pretty well for the first time on a new and difficult course. Eagle Pointe is the most difficult course I have played (72.2/128) and I managed to shoot a 108. I drove well, hit some good shots with the irons, but suffered with my putting. The greens were the fastest I've every played and first I was hitting too hard, then too soft.

Since I now have calculated my handicap, I came up with a course handicap of 36 which gives me a net of 72. Gotta love that handicap system.

My daughter has been swinging her new clubs in the back yard and putting in the living room. I have to say that while she meets the minimum height requirement for these clubs, they are way too big for her. She only likes to hit the 9I and putter. I may have been better off getting her the smallest set where she is at the top of the height requirement. After all, my son is 22 months behind her and they would still go to good use.

My family played a round of putt putt golf and she did well with her putter. We didn't keep score, but she made several nice shots off the "tee".

OK, on to the goals for 2006...

Join Bayou golf Association and play in competitions (win?)
Reduce my handicap by 50% by the end of the year
Take my daughter to the range often and then to the course

That's it for now. I'll have a report on a windy day at bayou in a day or two. Also, I'll be heading back to Eagle Pointe this Sunday and perhaps I'll take some pics.

Trying to get back below 100,


At 4:57 AM, Blogger dave said...

That line of carts looks so depressing. I don't think I could do that any time and if I did I am know my score would be a lot higher than usual. I think I did have to wait about 20 minutes once but that was because we left the house late and they had to work us in.


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