Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mid-Week Rambling...

Bayou Golf Association...

Last time I played (link) I became aware of Bayou Golf Association. It seems that BGA is just what I'm looking for: Competitive play in the form of low cost tournaments with a varity of formats, and an official handicap service. I need to find out about joining up! Just in time too as I can almost see the light at the end of the 20 round tunnel.

Range Time...

I made it to the range last night and started off with the 6 iron. I had trouble hitting a straight shot - everything was fading or mildly slicing. This is odd because I've been hitting pretty straight with the irons lately. I tried the 3 iron with similar results. Then I decided to push the club head out more on impact and bingo, straight shots and even a few draws. A few hits with the fairway woods showed great results. I was getting a nice high trajectory with the STRONG 5W, and distance on the 3W looks to be well over 200 yards. As seems to be the trend (once you figure something out), all of a sudden I was having trouble geting consistant direction with the driver. I had to fool with ball placement and stance before I was able to hit the ball down the target line. I think I might have been swinging too hard or accelerating too quickly after the top of the back swing, I'm not sure.

Like last time, I worked on chipping and putting before heading home and I finished the putting drills in significantly less time. If I continue to get through these drills quickly, I'll have to work up something a little more difficult.

Golf Outlook...

Looks like I'll be gearing up for my 19th round this Friday. The Battleground is out because there are no suitable tee times. No worries though, I'll be happy to head down to Bayou to have a shot at my record as well as gather some information about Bayou Golf Association. Two more rounds and I'll have my twenty-round requirement for an official handicap.

Golf Shoes...

After five months, I finally made it to the local Golf Galaxy. I looked at some Footjoy golf shoes that seemed like regular sneakers with those soft cleats. They were forty bucks and that seems reasonable for golf shoes. I had been to Goldsmith where I tried on some more traditional golf shoes (also Footjoys), but they seemed pretty stiff and uncomfortable. I felt there was no way I would be comfortable walking courses with those shoes. In the end, I walked out empty handed, but I'm thinking about getting those sneaker-style Footjoys - even if for nothing else than to keep my regular sneakers clean. Thinking about golf shoes brings me back to the question of their worth where my game is concerned. Will they improve my game or not? I don't know, but if I get them I'll be sure to post my thoughts.

Golf gloves...

I don't use a golf glove. I have no problem holding on to the club and I don't like the idea of donning/doffing a glove 30+ times per round. However, nearly everyone uses one. I've heard that Fred Couples does not wear a glove. What's the deal here? I suppose one of these days I'll give it a try.

The Shaft...

I'm considering going to a stiff shaft on my driver. I think I'll try Golf Galaxy's launch monitor to compare my driver with the same model with a stiff shaft. I'll need to be sure to take notes so I'll have some baseline statistics for future visits.

Golf Balls...

I generally don't buy golf balls. I know I lose lots of them, but I usually come out of the woods with a few extras. I have recently begun to feel the difference between a hard ball and a soft ball. Like most other folks, I prefer the soft ball for chipping and putting. Now I'm trying to determine which balls are hard and which are soft.

Well, that's enough babbling for now,


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, your blog makes for interesting reading. I'm about at the same level as you are, and I can empathise with what you are going through. Although I don't put in anywhere near the practice you do!

I would like to comment on shoes and gloves: Get some and wear one! Shoes make a big difference. If you get the sneaker style (highly recommended), don't get one with "air" pockets or whatever they call them. The plastic window they have splits after a few months and you have to get some new shoes (I hope you know what I'm trying to describe here). You may have to adjust your swing a bit when you wear golf shoes as your feet tend to stay planted more with them, rather than slipping/twisting a bit with ordinary sneakers.

With a glove I wear it the whole round. I don't take it off for putting - not sure why the pro's do. It really helps with stopping the club twisting for me. And I can use slightly less pressure when gripping as I know the glove will grip the club and stop it twisting.

Keep up the great work - I'm interested in what your handicap ends up being. Mine's at 24.6.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Thanks for the comments on gloves and shoes. I'll be sure to try them both out. Especially since I just told "Santa" that Daddy needs a new pair of shoes :^)

I have experienced the putter twisting thing. Sounds like good rationale to keep it on - I'll try it!!

Lately, I've been playing about once per week and going to the range once (sometimes twice) per week. Being an engineer, I do try to maximize what I get out of each time I play/practice with my eye always looking towards game improvement.

I'm expecting my handicap to be about 30 based on this website:

Even though I've been getting better, my index keeps going up. Right now (after 18 rounds) it's 29.5 based on that site.

Thanks for reading,

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Jason said...

The difference between hard and soft balls is night and day.

Go out and buy two packs of golf balls. One being super cheap and the other being either Callaway Golf HX Tour or Nike Ones. First take two of the cheap golf balls and hit them together in your hands. Then do the same thing with the good balls. You'll feel the difference instantly.

Obviously you don't want to spend $40 on 12 balls if you're going to be hitting every water hazard, but there are good balls inbetween that will help you on your game.


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