Friday, December 02, 2005

Steady as She Goes...

Maintaining goals...

I Made it down to Bayou today. I had a rough start on the front nine shooting a 51. I scored an 8 on two par 4s, but otherwise managed 1 par and 5 bogeys. I played the back with a 12 handicapper and that was all it took to turn my game on. I shot a 44 on the back with one birdie. So, 95 - one off my best score and right on target for my "maintain sub-100 scores" goal and the 44 is a good confidence builder for breaking 90.

Here are the stats on the day:

Fairways hit.. 10
GIRs........... 2
Birdies........ 1
Pars........... 2
Putts......... 35
Bogeys........ 10
Doubles........ 3
Triples........ 0
Bad holes...... 2
Balls lost .... 3 (2 water, 1 deep rough)

That 44 is my lowest score to date on nine regulation holes. My penalties are becoming fewer and fewer. I had an outstanding day with the driver hitting 10 fairways. My average drive was 233, the long drive was 281, and the short was a scant 150 (good thing too cause 155 would have been wet). I just couldn't capitalize and get the GIRs. I did hit one green pretty good though:

That was on the 12th hole where I hit a 236-yard drive which left a 116-yard approach. My pitching wedge is usually good for about 112. That was my second birdie on a regulation course. My ball is the one about four feet from the pin. I was pretty nervous - hate to miss one like that for birdie.

I'm adding another goal to the list from last post:

Make 6 or more pars in a round.

I'm pretty tired so I'm going to cut this one short.

Starting to smell those 80s,


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