Monday, February 27, 2006

Show me the Data...

My one-month membership at Green Caye GC expires in a week. I have definitely played a quantity of golf that even the Cheap Bastard would agree justifies the $35.00 plus tax invested. The quality however remains in question. Not so much the quality of golf played, but the data that should accompany a month dedicated to irons and short game improvement.

As my loyal readers (should that be plural?) know, I like collecting data. Yet, here I am after playing a ton for three weeks and I have virtually no data to show for it. I actually only kept score for three nine-hole rounds. What was I thinking???

My swing got a pretty good overhaul and that alone is worth something, but I can't quantify it. Where is the data? How can I prove I'm making progress without data? The last two times I signed up for the month membership (July and September) at Green Caye I did keep score and I have those numbers ready for comparison. Those rounds are a little outdated, but a starting point.

I need to spend my remaining week taking data. My wife has some errands to run tonight, so I hope I have enough time to squeeze a round in after she gets back.

I need to change my focus to the task at hand: Hitting greens, making up-and-downs and recording the data.

Looking at the September data, I hit 1.75 greens per nine holes and made 21% of my up and downs. My best round was 34,my worst round was 45, and I averaged 2.5 pars per round. I should have reviewed this data the day after I signed up for a month, but I didn't. I may not have attempted a swing change had I been taking and comparing data so I'll just say all's well that ends well. Now I just need to take some data and see if all ends well.



At 2:32 PM, Blogger GolfNomad said...

I'm collecting "data" as well Greg. I'm going to keep track of fw's hit, GIR's, up and down saves, putts..that's about it..I'm not sure how this wil help me..I need to mess around with XL and see what kind of figures I'm looking for. You have a golf stat program or something like that?

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Nope, no golf stat program. I just use Excel to maintain a spreadsheet. I wrote a quick program in Python to monitor my round-to-round handicap which had I set it up differently, could have been done in Excel as well.



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