Friday, February 03, 2006

Sneaking in a Round...

Thrilled with my latest range experience, I got up well before the crack of dawn and went down to Bayou for a round. I know, I know, I'll be playing there tomorrow, but I had the hours in and hey, I hooked on this game!! Here's a shot from the second tee box:

Even though I don't care for the wet morning conditions (greens especially), there certainly is something about the golf course at the crack of dawn. I'll spare you too many details of the round, but the bottom line is that I just can't keep my eye on the ball for a second past contact. No matter what I did - arrrgh. I think part of it was that I was playing alone (behind a fivesome) and I didn't have that extra set of eyes to help see where I hit. That's just a mental thing though, because even if you stare at the ground for a second past contact, you still have plenty of time to watch the ball flight and you know by feel about where it went.

Anyway, here are the stats:

Fairways hit... 8
GIRs........... 1
Birdies........ 0
Pars........... 3
Putts......... 35
Bogeys......... 5
Doubles........ 7
Triples........ 3
Bad holes...... 2 (two par 5 triples)
Balls lost .... 2 (1 water, 1 OOB)

I couldn't really get anything going today. I always play better when I'm not alone, so hopefully the pressure of competition will agree with me.

I measured six drives 219, 240, 268, 269, 202, and 233. The air was pretty still in the morning, so those a good representation of my driving distance. My score for the day was 100 (2 over my course handicap). My handicap has gone up a point because my record round at Bayou is now 21 rounds ago. I saw this coming and had every confidence that I would shoot a 94 or better before it drifted into the past. I knew that today was do or die for handicap purposes. I am learning more about my wedge ranges. I can hit the 52* about 95 yards with a full swing. I managed to make two nice putts from 14 and 18 feet. Of course I've made a few lucky ones from well further out, but these were just solid putting.

I think trying to focus on bogeys will help. I don't know... I'm hoping to get to the course tomorrow in time to hit a small bucket. Hopefully that will help me lock in my three swing thoughts. I'll post the results.

Goal for tomorrow... 90!!!



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