Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not Bad on the Bayou...

I took my new wedges down for a round at Bayou. I shot 43 on the front and 55 on the back for a 98.

New Record: 43 is my best nine holes (not counting San Jac where I also shot a 43). The previous record was 44 at Bayou on the back which I shot after a 45 on the front. I think I'm gonna do a back flip when I break 40!!!

On the front I only hit two fairways and one green. While that looks pretty bad, the missed fairways were generally not missed by much, sometimes feet but hey, a miss is a miss. The green I hit was the par 5 eighth hole where a nice drive and sweet 3W got me to about 40 yards and I hit the 52* GW to about 8 feet and birdied the hole. I also made a par on the par 3 seventh with an up and down. I managed to do a good job on my nemesis hole, the 6th. I tried to hit an easy 5W and did not follow through which left me with a 3W from about 220 much of which is over water. I made good contact and had I not grazed some foliage on a tree, I would have made a nice approach shot. That graze took just enough energy out of the shot to fail to clear the water but a yard or two. I advanced toward the water and dropped at about 190 and hit a sweet 4i that rolled right up to within six feet. Best bogey ever!!! Take that you nemesis hole!

I started off on the back with a par that followed both a fairway and a GIR. Then I hit one OOB and finished the hole with a three-putt snowman. It was pretty downhill from there with double, triple, triple, triple, bogey, double, bogey. Here's the real irony - I hit five fairways on the back but couldn't hit a green. The two fairways I missed were OOB and I lost one in the water. Also, while I hit the new wedges pretty well on the front, on the back I hit nearly all greenside shots well short with the 60* LW. The putts confirm the tale with 13 putts on the front and 19 on the back.

So after one round I can say I like the wedges. I did not try the "tight lie pitch" I've talked about in recent posts. I tried to fly the ball to the pin on every shot, almost always with the 60* LW. I think once I get used to their full-swing distances, I'll be able to take better advantage of them.

Here's the summary:

Fairways hit... 7
GIRs........... 2
Birdies........ 1
Pars........... 2
Putts......... 32
Bogeys......... 8
Doubles........ 3
Triples........ 3
Bad holes...... 1 (Snowman on 11th after OOB)
Balls lost .... 1 (water)

Just for grins, here's a shot from the 18th tee box. I described this hole in my "Breaking 100" post.

Bayou Golf Association...

I will be turning in my scorecards and joining the BGA in time for the February tournament. If I get my scorecards turned in in the next couple of days, I should have an official handicap to compete with. It will be an individual stroke event on February 18th.

This weekend is up in the air, but where there's a will there's a way. I guess what I mean is, if I get my way you know where I will be.

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