Monday, June 19, 2006

The rain in Houston...

I was supposed to spend Father's Day on the course, but stalled low pressure system foiled those plans. As I write this (Monday afternoon), the rain continues to fall. We've had so much rain CNN is covering it.

What's worse is that I have not been golfing in over two weeks. I managed to hit the range one evening, but that's about it. Unless you want to count some family room putting and watching some of the US Open. I enjoyed watching the Open. It was sad to see some of the bad shots like Phil hitting a fairway metal out of that heavy rough and only getting a couple of feet out of it (heck, I can do that off of the fairway). On the other hand, it's nice to see those guys are human from time to time.

I'm working on a summary of my first year, but I'm in a bit of a golf enthusiasm slump at the moment and writing a summary with that tone would be just sad. So, I'll put that on the back burner till my attitude perks up a bit.

Sadly, I removed Jamboy's link. I also removed the DTDGH counter. I suppose I should add a DTIGT (Days Till I Go There) counter, but that can wait too.

I'm hoping to get out tomorrow or Thrusday depending on when the weather decides to clear up. I'll be heading to San Jac for at least 18 holes, maybe 27.


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Golfchick said...


Sorry to hear about your rough patch. What bad timing illness has, huh? Hang in there and your enthusiasm will return! I hope all went well with your certification, too. That's exciting!


At 3:28 AM, Blogger Kiwi said...

Hope your feeling better mate. Bit of a shame about the Jamboy isn't it. Always great reading over there

At 8:20 AM, Blogger Greg said...

GC -

Thanks, but ya got to take the good with the bad. Speaking of bad, I got another round of it from that week - see next post.

But it's all good. Now that it's been nearly three weeks since I've played, I'm really jonzin'! Soggy conditions and all, I'm going to play tomorrow :)

My cert went great, I have a little paper work before my new office becomes Mission Control! Very exciting indeed!!

Kiwi -

Much better, thanks! Shame about Jamboy? Strewth!


At 3:48 AM, Blogger AdvoDad said...

You been playing any in this lovely July weather? I'm in Brenham, just started playing again after 20 yrs. Maybe we can go out and loose some water balls some time..


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