Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some Data...

Two loops of the 9-hole par three course last night. I shot 33 on the first loop, hit ZERO greens, but managed three Up and Downs. The rest were bogeys. On the second loop I shot 37, hit two greens and made only one Up and Down. The pin placements were about as tough as I've seen them since there was a tournament there recently.

I was hitting the ball pretty solid. I made only one crap shot on number seven where I tried to fly the ball over a mound onto the elevated green. I was in a darkish spot with a questionable lie (did not want to try the flop due to the lie). I didn't get under it enough and zipped it up and over into the water.

The 33 was solid since my best score there is 32. While the stats show I did not hit a single green on that loop, several were missed by 5 to 10 feet. My chipping and putting were pretty good as well.

I made a couple nice shots on number five, a 175 yard hole. Both tee shots were pin high to the right more or less. The green is slightly elevated and guarded by mounds on the back and sides. The pin was near the back of the green on the right. My first shot was right on the fringe of the thick rough with little room to swing. At a minimum, I needed to carry the ball to the top of a mound. I hit a good shot chopping down on the ball through the tall grass and it stayed on the green rolling somewhat toward the back left side.

The other shot was from a similar location, but I had more room to swing the club. I also had a good lie and choose to try the flop shot to get over the mounds. I tweaked the club face to hopefully give me enough to carry the mounds and swung about eighty percent. I landed on the green, below the hole and slightly toward the center of the green.

Both of those shots gave me 20-plus foot putts (that I missed), but I was very happy to be able to execute them as well as I did.

Hopefully I'll be able to get down there again this evening and shoot a little better - more greens, more Up and Downs (and more data!).

Wednesday I'll be leaving work early to pick up my daughter. I'll be taking her to the golf course for the first time. The focus will be on fun, so no data collection Wednesday.

My wife's working Thursday, so Friday will be my next (possibly last chance before my membership needs renewal) chance to post some solid stats.



At 10:35 AM, Blogger GolfNomad said...

I want get my son started soon also..he just turned 3..have you gotten one of those "Snoppy" starter sets..or similar? any recommendations?

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Yes, I did get something similar off of eBay. My daughter is 5 and I got the set where she met the bottom of the height requirement. While I think the set is nice quality, these clubs are too big for her. I'll post a pic or two when I get a chance.

We'll still get use out of these clubs because my kids will grow into them (my son will be 4 end of May).

My recommendation is to go somewhere where you can have him hold the clubs. Measure the set that fits and seek your deal based on club length (NOT child height).

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous NothingMan said...

My daughter is 6 now, she started hitting balls at about 4. There's no technique or concentration really, but when she hits them, she hits um pretty darn good. She it one about 90 yards last year. I'm gonna be taking her to get lessons in April (I'm looking forward to learning something myself ;-))


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