Monday, July 31, 2006

New Putter - Daddy Likey...

Three loops at Green Caye last night:

Loop 1 (34):
4 pars (2 up&down)
0 birdies
2 doubles (1 OB)
3 GIRS (1 3-putt)
16 putts

Loop 2 (30):
4 pars (1 up&down)
1 birdie
0 doubles
5 GIRs (1 3-putt)
16 putts

Loop 3 (34):
3 pars (3 up&down)
0 birdies
1 double (1 water)
12 putts

The big news on this day is the new putter. This putter is quite a bit heavier that my old blade style putter. It's also a little longer. I had a hard time with it at first using my regular putting stroke but quickly found out how to hit it. I learned that with a heavier putter, you let the putter do the work. My old stroke was more of a "push" the ball. With the new putter, I use more of a pendulus stroke. Distance is controlled by how far I bring it back.

I'll reserve final judgement till I get more data. The preliminary results look good though. The last loop I did not hit a single green, my short game was utter crap, but I was rolling in putts.

This week we'll be getting ready for the trip north. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a few more loops in.

Hmmmm... would it be a good idea to slip the putter into a suitcase?



At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Jason said...

I wouldn't put your putter into a suitcase. Instead you should just go out and buy one of those travel golf bags. Travel golf bags are pretty much just a big golf bag that you slide your actual golf club bag into. Any golf retailer near you should sell them.

Golf Travel Bag

You can find plenty that are much less expensive than that Callaway bag. They're perfect for taking on planes as well. Your clubs are kept nice and safe even if you're luggage is being tossed around everywhere...

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Greg said...

I've thought about that. I really wanted to go that route and I discussed it earlier in this blog, but I have a few problems:

1. My wife says I can't take the clubs.

2. With my wife and kids, I simply cannot fit it all into my Pathfinder for the trip to the airport.

3. My wife says I can't take the clubs.

4. I could put the clubs on top of the truck, but then I have the problem of not enough people to move the luggage and clubs from where I park to the terminal. With the right plan, I might be able to work out the logistics, but it always comes back to...

5. My wife says I can't take the clubs.

Have I made myself clear?

Sure, I could use my power vote, but a man's got to pick his battles.

Also, I'm actually looking forward to hitting some other clubs. I've only hit two other clubs since I started. One was Cobra 3100 6i that I hit great, and the other was a Mizuno (MP23?) 3i that I also hit great. The Mizuno was a blade type club and I hit it better than I hit my cavity back 3i.

Jason, If I had the time it would be great to get together for a round with a fellow blogger... maybe next time. As it is, it looks like there's only room for one round Saturday morning with Dad's group.



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