Friday, September 01, 2006

Cool Stuff...

OK, so it's sure hard scheduling some golf with the launch delays, but it goes with the territory. Looking to play Sunday, then I'll be heading to the MCC Sunday evening. Hope we make it this time, I have a tee time at Tour 18 for Tuesday!

For those interested:


Here are the STS-115 event times for a Saturday 9/9/06 launch:
9/09 SAT 1015 Launch
9/11 MON 0008 Begin RNDZ Checklist
9/11 MON 0136 NC4 Burn
9/11 MON 0308 Ti Burn
9/11 MON 0425 MC4 Burn
9/11 MON 0443 RPM
9/11 MON 0546 Dock
9/17 SUN 0750 Undock

You can watch all the fun on NASA TV or on the net here.


PS - My golf has been rubbish. 102 and 105 at The Battleground, 95 at Pasadena... I managed an 87 at San Jac. I've identified a cycle that I seem to go through and I'll share that when I get some time to sit down and blog in earnest-o.


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